Heraklion City Center Excursion Vibes

Heraklion City Center Excursion Vibes The lions square in Heraklion city centerMunicipality of Heraklion city center

Hello and welcome to heraklion city center excursion vibes! To the most vibrant city of Crete island! It is full of day and night life, it has a variety of museums and art exhibitions and many shops to explore! One of its most famous streets, is 25th of Augoust Street. It begins right from the old port going across the city and ends up to the famous Lions Square.
Morozini Fountain was built in 1629, during the Venetian period. The same period where the famous Venetian Walls where also built in order to protect the city. It remains a historical treasure to remind us the paths of the history.

Morozini Fountain in Heraklion Center

Shopping in Heraklion city center

In Heraklion city center you can also go shopping, there is a big variety of shops, beggining with the most traditional rpedestrian street "1866", which is very close to the Lions Square, where you can find all traditional kind od things and food, as well as "25th of Augoust" street, as mentioned above. You can also visit "Dedalou" street, and "Dikeosynis" street (street of justice).

Agios Minas Cathedral in Heraklion

There is a variety of churches in the city. The most important is Agios Minas, which is Heraklion's patron saint. He is celebrated on November 11th. So, according to the history, in 1826, 5 years after the great Greek Revolution, Crete was not free yet. The Turks were planning another slaughtery of the Christians during Easter celebration, inside the cathedral. But the moment they were ready to invade the temple, a white haired old horseman appeared running around the temple waiving his sword and chasing the slaughterers who fled in panic. Thus the many suffering Christians of Heraklion were saved. According to the myth...or history, that man was saint minas.
Saint Minas Cathedral